Saturday, January 1, 2011

My New Kitchen Timer

I've been using this iPad app. It's almost perfect. The only real drawback is that my iPad doesn't multitask. I think there's an update that allows it, but I haven't investigated it yet. So even though the timer will run while I'm using another app, the alarm won't sound.

I'd rotate this picture if I knew how.

- Bob

Location:Troy, NY

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  1. Not sure if you're still baking bread or not. I made this - - several times over the last year and although a little complicated (but still less complicated than the original in RLB's book) it's pretty forgiving. I baked it on a pizza stone (that was pre-heated for a long time). I used caraway seeds from The Spice House (which are amazing) and some Rye Flour from an artisan mill in Central Il (which I'm out of right now but hope to restock as soon as the Chicago Green Market opens again). This bread fresh out of the oven, some Cultured Pasture Butter from Organic Valley Farms and maybe a really good beer once in a while is all I ever need to survive.